Professor Simisola Akintola (Ph.D), is a professor of Bioethics and Health Law at the Faculty of Law University of Ibadan. She is also a Faculty Member at the Centre for Bioethics, Akobo, Ibadan. Her research is motivated by the yawning gap between technology, medical science and the existing regulatory framework. Professor Akintola is involved in the advancement of knowledge in healthcare system and regulation. She has several peer-reviewed articles published in both local and international journals of repute.

She participated in the development of the National Health Ethics Code for Nigeria, the Intellectual Property Policy of her institution and other policies within the institution and outside. She also served on the institutional review board of her university and the teaching hospital for years. Consistent in her research is the consideration of the peculiarity of the environment and people she advocates for.

Professor Akintola is currently involved in the Bridging Gaps in the ELSI of Data Science Research (BridgELSI) project funded by the National Institute of Health. The said project evaluates evaluate current governance frameworks for data science health research in Nigeria and work with key stakeholders to co-develop novel governance frameworks.